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State-of-the-art telematics solution

GPS4NET is for over a decade involved in the research, development and production of various telematics solution and today has extensive experience in technologies such as GPS, GSM, short-range radio microwave communication, telematics, and mission critical hardware applications. Since 2003 GPS4NET has developed highly reliable devices for GPS tracking application along with an advances AVL server platform designed for a wide range of Fleet Management business applications.Thus today we stand on the market with a turning-key telematics solution made from hardware, software and GIS, fully integrated and supported.

Since the beginning GPS4NET was committed to evolve a very well integrated solution, where the elements should be fully supported over the time and backward compatible. After many years since were sold the first GPS trackers, the AVL platform still support and fully serving the old products. Each evolution of the hardware platform was based on the same RTOS designed for full portability and scalability over the various models of hardware advertised on the market. Today our latest firmware runs outstanding on the old hardware made years a go but now discontinued from production. Thus GPS4NET stands as a mark of excellence, reliability, and stability in the telematics industry, who has created own elements and way of success.

Core Values: Reliability, Quality and Customer Orientation

GPS4NET is well known for its four core values that play a key role in ensuring the distributor's success: business scalability, ease of integration, investment protection, and high quality. These key competencies are represented by a wide range of advantages and services that GPS4NET offers to its customers. These principles are combined in a unique family concept which provides customers with maximum compatibility between devices from different generations, fully integrated hardware with software and business adapted application.

Product Family Concept

GPS4NET offers to its customers a product family concept. The product families are practically hardware platform concepts which are tailored to different levels of integration and volumes according to the business application and production scale. All products of one family have the same CPU, the same version of RTOS, the same type of connectors and the same software interface so that that they can be integrated and exchanged easily into existing customer designs with only minimal adaptation. As a result, customers benefit from products that can be used for years in their applications. They avoid additional development outlay and thus protect their previous development investments.

Solutions From a Single Source

Being among the few supplier worldwide to offer all relevant telematics and automotive infotainment technologies in its product portfolio, GPS4NET provides its customers with tailored single source  solutions. The company develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of fully integrated products such as GPS Trackers, FMS CAN-bus interfaces, sensors, personnel time tracking peripherals, active RFID tags and other wireless communication modules, having as target to deliver complete solution for specific business demands. Working with GPS4NET means receiving a plug-and-play solution that works with minimum installation efforts and requires zero integration efforts for the components.