Tachograph & Fleet Management Systems (FMS) Interface

g4n02fms fms interface
g4n02fms diagram

G4N02FMS - Vehicle Data Interface is designed to read data from a brand specific vehicle networks and translate it into standardized protocols like FMS / CANbus J1939 or RS232. The important data is selected and processed inside the interface by using customized profiles and algorithms that produce the specific information requested for Eco-driving analysis. The resulted information is helping companies to reduced operational costs and to turn their drivers in eco-drivers.

G4N02FMS has a dedicated connector used for linking to the digital tachographs and download the mandatory files, and also a dedicated input to read the real-time data necessary for estimating the current state of each driver and the remaining driving time.

G4N02FMS is an advanced FMS interface with connectivity to vehicle data networks such as: CAN-bus J1939 & ISO11992 , J1708/J1587, OBD2, K-line, L-line, Analog and Digital Tachographs. The product is provided in several hardware versions adapted to certain vehicle types, brands and business activities.

Vehicle network data processing

  • Read & analyze: engine regime, speed & cruise, brake analysis, fuel control, clutch & gear, error codes and vehicle status.
  • Analyze trip, vehicle and driver performance for trucks, vans, lorries.
  • Detects, analyzes and reports aggressive or dangerous driver behavior.
  • Save fuel, induce safe driving and reduce CO2 emission.
  • Uniform delivered data output for the entire fleet of vehicles.
  • Selectable output interface: CANbus, RS232 or Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth interface can link with the driver through a smart phone showing him the current status of the truck, trailer or cargo.
  • Non-intrusive installation when using the contactless bus reader G4N02TAP.

Tachograph interfacing

  • Automatic remote tachograph download engine for drivers and enterprise files, mandatory for archiving and analysis.
  • Valuable reporting on driving, resting time and working hours for drivers.
  • Real-time alerting for potential over hours and non-compliance.
  • Remote File Download over CAN-bus or serial port is compliant with the tachograph manufactured by VDO and Stoneridge.
  • Collect data from multiple CAN-bus and serial interfaces
  • Compatible with utility vehicles
  • Eco-driving – save fuel & CO2
  • Unified data output
  • Analyze engine regime
  • Non-intrusive installation
  • Output in RS232 or CAN-bus
  • Tachograph real-time activities and remote download for the mandatory files (c1b, v1b , ddd)
  • Support the standard DDD file extension, but also Spanish TGD and French V1B, C1B file formats
  • Replace paper disk checking for analogical tachographs
  • Advanced command system
  • Easy software integration
  • Remote configuration over GSM

Technical Specifications

General Parameters Platform3 RTOS for telematics
RTC (Real Time Clock) hardware
4Mb Flash memory
8 configurable LED bi-colored
8 configurable pull-down I/O
1 Input Analogical / Digital
3D accelerometer sensor
Firmware upgrade over GPRS
Enclosure size 80x40x20 mm
Temperature range -40...+85C
6...36 VDc input range
30 mA @ 24V nominal consume
5 Vdc output
Communication Interfaces 3x CAN-bus J1939 Interfaces
1x K/L-line Interface
3x RS232 Interfaces
1x RS485 J1708 Interface
1x J1850 Interface
1x USB slave serial port
Bluetooth 4 - serial bus profile
Available Options Driver Awareness Panel
Data logging on SD card
Extended range ISM 868Mhz
Serial Tachograph download
Contactless CAN / J-bus reader