I/O Expander, Features Expander

G4N01EXP is a I/O devices expander compatible with all GPS Trackers produced by GPS4NET. The interfacing with the GPS is made over 1-Wire bus protocol while the setup parameters are stored inside the GPS Tracker.

In order to respond to the European regulations G4N01EXP is supporting externally a Private-Mode switch that allows the driver to switch anytime from Work-Mode in Private-Mode and to reset all internal work counters as well as to deny the geolocation data acquisition. This feature can be combined with the relay state control, LED warning color and buzzer signaling.

The integrated latching (bi-stable) relay combined with the integrated buzzed and the Personnel Authentication Engine are offering one of the best solutions for vehicle engine ignition control, vehicle maintenance, personnel time-tracking and nevertheless the anti-theft security. The device is designed to provide properly these features without using a backup battery.

Main features

16 pins multipole connector with ESD protection.
Integrated Internal Buzzer
Integrated Latching Relay ~ 2 Amp
2 Personnel authentication Readers (iButton) support

1 Input for Panic Button
1 Input for Ignition control
1 Input for Private-Mode switch
1 generic Analog Input
1 pin for external Buzzer
Technical specifications Automotive grade processor
1 bi-colored LED status for Power, 1-Wire link
8 – 35 VDc input range
Over-voltage protection < 40V
Transitory voltage protection
Small size 50x35x20 mm
Temperature range -30~+85C
Service The device has configuration functions accessible over ISM, SMS, GPRS
Standard packaging The product is delivered with 1 I/O cable, 1 iButton Reader, 1 Dallas Key
Options External vandal-proof buzzer
Secondary Personnel authentication reader (iButton)
Panic button
Private Mode switch

*Due to the permanent development this list might change periodically.