CAN bus / J1708 / J1587 contactless reader

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G4N03TAP is a genuine device created for collecting specific automotive information like fuel consumption or odometer from any vehicle equipped with CAN-bus or JBus. This model brings an ergonomic design, an integrated bus terminator, an SMPS and a higher sensitivity sensor leading to zero data loss up-to 1Mbps.

The tapping sensor is working by detecting the energy within the electrical network by using coil electrodes aligned with the wires transporting the data signals, which is transformed in a reconditioned signal and isolated over an output CAN-bus or JBus interface.

Hardware Features

  • Reads vehicle's signals trough wires eliminating warranty issues or electrical problems
  • Compatible with the CAN standards: J1939 @250/500kbps, ISO 11992, ISO 11783
  • A bi-colored LED which indicates the presence of data within the vehicle's bus
  • The sensor automatically detect signals polarity, thus minimizing incorrect installation
  • The output interface is connectable directly in any FMS interface or GPS Tracker
  • Multiple sensors can be connected in parallel on the output (isolated) interface
  • The sensor do not require any special configuration to work with the telematic units
  • Reliable reading of CAN-bus data due to the intelligent signal detection and processing
  • The reading method used is not altering in any way the signal from the vehicle's bus
  • The CAN output interface can communicate to a distance to over 100m @500Kbps
  • Non-intrusive technology
  • 100% data capture success
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • No physical wire connections
  • Output data via CAN interface
  • Full galvanic protection
  • Data sensing from 3mm proximity
  • Signals presence notification
  • No soldering or wire cutting
  • Fast & Easy installation

Technical Specifications

CAN-FMS Interface Compatible with CAN-bus : 128kbps .. 1Mbps
Compatible all CAN standards
1LED for CAN traffic detection
Compatible with all vehicles
J-Bus Interface RS485 Half-Duplex: 9600bps
Compatible J1708 / J1587 standard
1LED for traffic detection
Compatible with all vehicles
Technical specifications Enclosure size 35x35x15 mm
Power suppy:+6 .. 36 Vdc.
Power consume: @12V - 13 mA, @24V – 6.5 mA
Overvoltage protection
Working temperature: -40C .. +110C