fleet management

G4NAVL is fleet management software dedicated for companies acting in transportation, taxi and fast reaction businesses.

By implementing this solution in the daily activity, our customers befits from a more productive work method, a stress less activity and a clear business perspective.

G4NAVL is a veritable management solution adaptable for each client according to their business needs. This solution can be integrated as complete package or selective to the necessities of each customer and their investment budget.

Developed as a AVL web based software, G4NAVL is a client / server software application build on top of the latest standards WEB2 & AJAX created to provide multiple integration and development possibilities.

The features of this application provide real time fleet management on top of different cartographic support, adaptable for each client. Currently the GIS engines provided are: Maps4NET, Google Maps and Multimap. Functions such as mission report management, area of interest and corridoring provide a clear analysis of daily activity of each vehicle.

Due to the continuous development , our solution is adapting permanently to the new market demands, thus is evolving in the best way possible to the business requirement from the various business domains.

What is G4NAVL ?
  • a precise and fast method to grow the business productivity.
  • a dynamic planning & management solution for vehicle fleets.
  • an advanced technology for geolocation and real time alerting.