On-site 2.4Ghz radio diagnostic interface

G4N03DON is a service and maintenance device designed to command remotely the GPS units over a short range radio protocol.

This device is equipped with a radio interface working on 2.4 Ghz, providing 300 m open site communication range.
Used with the service software G4N-RDT this device will provide the following features :

  • Determine the functional status for any remote G4N device
  • Fully Configure the GPS devices
  • Setup the GPRS settings according to the GSM operator
  • Performs remote firmware upgrade for any G4N device
  • Download the memory data stored in remote devices

Due to this advanced service functions GPS4NET  products are unique on the market and are considered by customers easy to be handled during installation and service. 

This technology has been fully developed by GPS4NET and classified as bellow :

  • G4NISM - 2.4 Ghz radio communication interface  ( incompatible with Wifi & Bluetooth )
  • G4NISMP - data communication & service protocol for G4NISM interface
  • G4N-RDT - Remote Diagnostic Tool dedicated for service & setup

Main features

ISM Communication Standard RF : ISM 2.4 Ghz ~ 250 mW ~ 300m
Communication speed :  2 Mbps
65450 Parallel networks , embedded ping & broadcasting


4096 GPS units / fleet
15 slave devices / GPS
USB Communication Standard 1.1 ~ 500Kbps
Win NT/XP/2k, Linux 2.4 – 2.6