Temperature & Humidity sensor with CAN interface

G4N02TMP is an advanced digital sensor for temperature and humidity measurement designed to work inside the climatic controlled containers. This product is responding to various demands specific for transport of vegetables, food & beverage, or pharmaceutics.

The CANbus interface integrated into the device is not compatible with the CANbus of vehicles or utilities. The product has been designed to be connected to CAN-FMS acquisition interfaces, independent of the vehicle's CANbus.

The information of temperature and humidity is generated by 3 algorithms handling the data processing and transmission of CAN messages:

  • Instantaneous acquisition of measured temperature / humidity values and data transmission at each second.
  • Average temperature / humidity values for a determined preset time interval. The time interval is set with a dedicated CAN message (command) sent by the acquisition interface.
  • Alarm triggered messages transmitted when the temperature or humidity is passing a preset threshold value. Once the temperature / humidity drops bellow the threshold value a message is sent, marking the ending moment of the alarm state. The minimum and maximum threshold values are configurable with dedicated CAN commands.

Main Features

Temperature Sensor Industrial digital sensor

Sensitivity Range : -40°C..100°C
Accuracy : -10°C..10°C   ±0.5°C (max)  / -40°C..100°C; ±1°C (max)
Resolution: 0.005°C

*The sensor is calibrated in 1 point where the precission is maximum (ex. 0°C).
Humidity Sensor Industrial digital sensor

Sensitivity Range : 0..100 %RH
Accuracy : 20..80 %RH ±3  /  0..20~80..100 %RH ±4 (max.)
Maximum precision: RH ~ 25°C Resolution: 12 bit
CAN Interface CAN Extended Frames (29 bit ID)
Transmission speed: 250kbps
Communication Standard: CAN 2.0b
Aquisition settings The sensor delivers 3 type of messages :
- Instantaneous Temperature / Humidity.
- Average Temperature / Humidity measured over a preset time interval.
- Alams for passing the minimum or the maximum defined.

Messages are sent in CAN J.1939 protocol format.
Technical Specifications Size : 35x35x15 mm
Input : Power, CAN
Power Supply : 8 - 32 V. Dc.