GPS Navigation, Communication, Route planning

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G4N01GAR is a bridge communication interface between the Garmin GPS Navigation System (PNA) and the GPS Tracker box which provides a direct interaction between the driver and Dispatch Center. The interface was designed to provide a two-way text messagery, transfer of routes and destinations and the tracking of status changing.

G4N01GAR – PNA Garmin is a solution dedicated for activities such as transport, distribution, taxi and generally to any business that requires a permanent communication with the field personnel. G4N01GAR is an official compliant Garmin interface for the product series Nuivi 1xxx and 2xxx.

Safe and easy communication:

  • Three types of messages are available for sending from the dispatch center to the driver:
  • 1. Standard text message delivered into the Inbox and announce on display.
  • 2. Pop-up simple message useful for alerting the driver.
  • 3. Pop-up message with predefined answers requesting an immediate response from the driver.
  • Full messages status tracking management algorithm marking each message as received, read, reply, erased. This mechanism ensures a realtime update of the dispatch center regarding the last status and associates responses sent by the driver.
  • The LIN-bus communication between G4N01GAR and the GPS Tracker is encrypted for security reasons.
  • A custom CAN-FMS interface profile defines several alert messages routed from the GPS tracker to the Garmin display. Thus a high engine speed or over weight alarm is sent to the dispatch center and to the driver simultaneously.

Guided to destination & route management:

  • The interface is handling 100 destination points (stops). The planning and transmission of each point is fully handled by the dispatch center. If the Garmin PNA is disconnected the interface will buzz every 10 seconds to notify the driver about the presence of a new incoming information.
  • Two routes of 50 way-points is managing the guidance to destination. Each point is activated on the display once the previous way-point is reached. This is a genuine routing concept designed for route optimization.

Main features

Messagery features: 200 messages stored in Inbox
200 messages stored in Outbox
40 Predefined answers
40 Predefined messages
Navigation features: 100 Destination stops
2 Routes of 50 way-points
System: Small size 50x35x15 mm
1 LIN-bus interface
1 USB-mini interface / 010-11259-00 / 010-11232-00
GARMIN FMI v2.5 , v2.6 compatible
Compatible with Garmin Nuvi 1xxx - 2xxx