CAN J1939 & FMS Interface

G4N01FMS is an acquisition and data processing interface for the information provided by the vehicle components that communicates over the CAN J1939 protocol . This interface is compatible with the utility vehicle brands: DAF,  Volvo,  Scania,  Man ,  Iveco,  Mercedes, Renault .

G4N01FMS used with the G4NAVL fleet management application will provide reports, charts and statistics of real interest such as:

  • Report related to the efficiency & economy of vehicle driving providing : number of brakes over 10 seconds, accelerations over the green zone, driving time in cruise control mode, high fuel rate, high rpm, brake efficiency .
  • Mission reports and charts related to traveled distance, parking time, total fuel consumed .
  • Mission reports and charts regarding the maximum, minimum and average  values for : engine speed, engine temperature, vehicle speed, fuel rate .

Also this interface can provide information such as: tachograph status, utility status installed on vehicle (ex. elevator),  brake system pressure,  axis weight .

Main features

CAN communication The CAN interface can be connected in Active or Passive mode.
The interface is handling both standard and extended frames up to 1 Mbps bus speed .
Integrated protocols: FMS & J1939 .
ISM communication 2.4 Ghz G4NISM - radio interface designed for short range communication with peripheral devices or  for on-site technical support.
The radio protocol ensure the data transfer between the CAN interface and GPS master device. Also it handles the GMT time synchronization with the GPS device.
Acquisition setup 8 filters are available for setup by:
- CAN message type
- Acquisition interval at 1 sec. resolution
- Acquisition at engine start / stop or permanently

Parameters can be configured over G4NISMP or SMS .
Inputs Permanent power , engine status , CAN
Power feed 8 - 40 V. Dc. , max. 500 mW, < 100 mA