CAN-bus / J-Bus wire tapping interface

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G4N01TAP is a genuine device created for collecting specific automotive information like fuel consumption or odometer from any utility vehicle equipped with CAN-bus or J-Bus (J1708). This device was designed for wire tapping thus capturing the data without soldering or piercing the wire's isolation and therefore avoiding any electrical incidents or even warranty violation.

The tapping sensor is detecting the energy within the electrical network by using two coil electrodes aligned with the wires transporting the High and Low signals, which are transformed in a reconditioned and isolated CAN or RS485 bus.

The product is sold in two version, each one compliant with CAN-bus or J-bus and with optional +5 VDc power feed.
G4N01TAP was tested with a wide range or vehicle brands and mobile assets and has proved to perform in very reliable way.

Main Features

CAN-FMS Interface Compatible with CAN-bus : 128kbps .. 1Mbps
Compatible CAN Frames: Standard & Extended
1LED for CAN traffic detection
Compatible with all utility vehicles
J-Bus Interface RS485 Half-Duplex: 9600bps
Compatible J1708 standard
1LED for traffic detection
Compatible with all utility vehicles
Technical specifications Capacitive sensor
Power suppy: 4 .. 5 Vdc. or 7 .. 28 Vdc.
Power consume: 15 mA
Overvoltage protection
Working temperature: -40C .. +85C
Humidity & corrosion protection