Advanced GPS GPRS vehicle tracker, CAN-bus interface

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G4N22GPS is a flexible smart tracking device fully adaptable to various AVL applications and specific projects where time-to-market is critical.

The versatility of the platform is concentrated in a preemptive Real Time Operating System (RTOS) specially developed and optimized for tracking application. This proprietary RTOS has proved to be optimal on older GPS model and today is present in any products developed by GPS4NET.

Following the market demand for a flexible and yet powerful authentication and personnel tracking solution, GPS4NET have implemented an engine based on iButton (Dallas) ID key technology, capable of handling over 2000 ID tags.

Due to the complex nature of the CANbus acquisition, GPS4NET provides ready made decoding profiles for J1939 & FMS networks implemented by most of the vehicle producers. This profiles are programmable over GPRS, being designed to offer a balance between the relevance of the information and the resources used (memory usage, GPRS traffic costs, server load).

Main features

GPS reception
2.5 m precision, 65 channels GPS receiver. Compatible with EGNOS and GALILEO.
GSM communication
SMS & GPRS class 10 ( 85,6 kbps ). External Antenna.
ISM communication 2.4 Ghz G4NISM - radio interface designed for short range communication
with peripheral devices or  for on-site technical support.

Internal antenna - 10m distance, 0dBm.
16 pins multipole connector with ESD protection.

2 ports configurable: Analog / Digital input,
   personnel authentication with iButton, 1A pull-up output.
2 ports configurable Analog / Digital input, Digital output.
1 port for external backup battery +5VDc

1 CANbus interface (FMS &J1939)
1 LINbus interface (encrypted protocol)
1 Digital Audio interface for GSM voice communication
System Automotive grade processor
RTC (Real Time Clock) syncronized by GPS
4 bi-colored LED status for GSM, GPS, CAN, Power

G4N-RTOS - proprietary Real Time Operating System

3-level watchdog
8 – 40 VDc input range
Power management & wake-up events and triggers
Small size 80x40x20 mm
Temperature range -30~+85C
Service The device has configuration functions over SMS and supports firmware upgrade over GPRS.

First made setup is available only over G4NISM and G4N05DON wireless service interface.

Standard packaging The product is delivered with GPS antenna, GSM antenna, I/O cable, connection clips.
*Devices are not delivered with a SIM card. This can be obtained from the customer's favorite GSM operator.
Options Internal Li-Pol battery 650mAh ~ 72h backup time.
Freehands GSM audio kit.
Vehicle imobilized.
Personnel authentication reader (iButton).
GARMIN interface - G4N01GAR.
Motion sensor.
Temperature sensor - G4N02TMP.

*Due to the permanent development this list might change periodically.